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Parts and Systems

Richard Good

TR-6 Crankshaft Damper Assembly

Richard Good has come up with a new complete crankshaft damper assembly for the TR-6. It smoothes out the frequency vibrations of the crankshaft and allows higher revs and more power even on a stock engine. More information can be found on his web site.

Joseph Siam
Phone: (818) 350-6222
Chequered Flag Racing

Spitfire Axles and Hubs

These parts and additional nice pieces for the Spitfire and GT-6 are available from Chequered Flag Racing (of which the owner is a top flight racer of Spitfires himself).

Joe Alexander
Phone: 319.827.2745
Alexander Racing Enterprises

Alloy Engine Plates for British Sports Cars

A.R.E. is producing a line of Alloy Engine Plates for Triumphs, with engine plates pending for other marques and models. These engine plates are about 1/3 the weight of stock plates and they replace distorted plates that allow unsuspected oil leaks.

The first two engine plates that are in production, fit TR3 and TR4 applications. Alloy plates have been used in the past on SCCA Triumph race cars, and these are presently being used by many Vintage Triumph racers in the US (and Europe). They weigh in at 2 lbs from the 6 lbs of the stock units. Perhaps more importantly, they replace distorted front plates that leak oil. Stock units are no longer available, so they have use and application for the street Triumphs.

The material specification is 6061 T-6 Aluminum with TiG welded gussets similar to the stock units.

These are available from selected distributors at $169.00 or directly from A.R.E.

Velocity Stack for SUs & Early Strombergs (1.75")

A.R.E. is producing a full radiused velocity stack as developed by Kas Kastner in the 60s. This velocity stack was extensively developed and tested, by Kas, and produced by Dean Moon. The engine dynomometer testing yielded 4-6HP on four cylinder engines and up to 8HP on the GT6 engine, according to Mr. Kastner.

Recent A.R.E. dyno testing has yielded the same H.P. results. One customer confirmed these results, as well. That being said, they are gorgeous in additional to being functional.

The velocity stacks are being reproduced on new metal spinning tooling and the flanges are produced by advanced manufacturing processes. For final assembly, the flange is fitted to the stack and TiG Welded.

These are sold by selected distributors at $67.50 each or can be purchased direct from A.R.E.

7" Headlamp Replacements and Vinyl Simulator Decals

A.R.E. is manufacturing headlamp replacements in light weight spun aluminum as a direct replacement to the vintage universal glass 7" diameter headlamps. These units are direct replacements utilizing existing retaining rings and bezels for both domestic and offshore vehicles. The replacements are contoured, the same as the real headlamps, for a nicer finished look than flat blanking plates or racer's tape.

Additionally, A.R.E. is producing a simulated decal version of the headlamp. These replicate the popular Lucas P-700. They may be applied on a flat blanking plate or on the Headlamp Replacements. Simple instructions make application to the contoured replacements possible without "bunching" of the vinyl.

Typical pricing is $16.00 per alloy headlamp replacement and $11.00 for each of the all weather P-700 decals. They are available through selected distributors or direct from A.R.E.

Stainless Steel Carburetor Heat Shields

A.R.E. is producing a line of Stainless Steel Heat Shields for 1.75 SUs & Strombergs, specifially for Triumphs. These are assembled to each pair of carburetors with existing hardware, typically with no modifications, with the addition of gaskets (not included).

TR3/TR3A/TR4 For SU H6 and early Strombergs (1.75)
TR4A/TR250 For SU HS6 (TR4A) and TR250 Strombergs
TR6 For later Strombergs and SU Conversions

Note: The TR6 features front mounting on the carbureters and does not require the removal of the carb assembly.

These heat shields may be purchased through several distributors or directly from A.R.E. Typical retail pricing is about $45.00

Now available is a new Weber Heat Shield in Stainless Steel for 40mm, 42mm & 45mm DCOE Carburetors.

These are assembled with existing hardware to each carburetor. This is an inexpensive way to protect the internal components of your expensive Webers, in addition to reducing heat soaking and affecting performance.

These will typically fit any car fitted with the popular series of Weber DCOEs, which includes Italian, German, Japanese, etc., as well as British cars.

The Weber Heat Shield are available through several major distibutors. Retail price ranges from $20-$30.

Heat Shields are standard equipment on many sports cars, and almost always custom fabrications on race cars. Heat is an enemy of performance. Fuel handling is influenced by heat. It can lead to fuel percolation (vapor lock), but cool fuel is always a better performer.

These heat shields are produced with advanced manufacturing methods in cost effective volumes. Stainless Steel is far superior to aluminum in reflection of heat and durability, but extemely difficult to produce with hand tools. Stainless Steel may also be polished to a chromelike finish to further enhance the cosmetic value of these heat shields.

More heat shields designs are pending for other Triumph models and other marques. These are in various stages of development.

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