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The Kastner Cup

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First awarded at Mosport Canada in 2003 and then each year after at a different track around the USA, the Kastner Cup Race has been to many famous tracks including Portland International Raceway, Watkins Glen International, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Miller Motorsports, Heartland Motorsports Park, Road America in Wisconsin, Buttonwillow and Sonoma Raceway in California, Eagle Canyon Texas, Summit Point in Virginia, Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Wisconsin and Pitt Race Complex in Beaver, PA. An effort is made each year to arrange a locality that will give Triumph racers in various sections of the country a chance to compete for the Cup.

The Kastner Cup is awarded to one Triumph Competitor each year. The same driver cannot win the K-Cup in successive years. The award is based on the following criteria by Kas:

  • 50% for the competitive results on the race track during the event (not necessarily the winner)
  • 25% for the presentation of the car
  • 25% for the attitude and interest in Vintage racing


Kastner Cup Winners

  • 2003: Jack Drews (TR-4) Mosport Raceway, Ontario Canada
  • 2004: John Wilkins (Spitfire) Buttonwillow Raceway, California
  • 2005: Jeff Snook (TR-3) Atlanta Raceway, Georgia
  • 2006: Tom Kreger (TR-6) Hallett Raceway, Oklahoma
  • 2007: Chuck Gee (Spitfire) Miller Motorsports Park, Utah
  • 2008: Tony Garmey (TR-250K) Watkins Glen, New York
  • 2009: Mordy Dunst (TR-4) Portland International Raceway, Oregon
  • 2010: Keith Files (TR-4) Topeka Raceway Park, Kansas
  • 2011: Jerry Barker (Herald) Laguna Seca, California
  • 2012: Randy Williams (TR-3) Atlanta Raceway, Georgia
  • 2013: Ken Knight (TR-4) Road America, Wisconsin
  • 2014: Greg Black (TR-3 on a TR4 chassis) Eagle Canyon Raceway, Texas
  • 2015: Mark Wheatley (TR-4) Summit Point, Virginia
  • 2016: Jerry Barker (Herald from Hell) Sonoma Raceway, California
  • 2017: Jeff Snook (TR-3A) Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Wisconsin
  • 2018: Jim Dolan (GT-6) Pitt Race Complex, Pennsylvania
  • 2019: Brian Howlett (TR-4) Buttonwillow Raceway, California
  • 2020: Mike Munson (TR-6) Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Ohio
  • 2021: Jeff Quick (TR-4A) Portland International Raceway, Oregon
  • 2022: Henry Frye (TR-250) Pittsburgh International Race Complex
  • 2023: Tony Drews (TR-4) Road America, Wisconsin
  • 2024: ?? at Sonoma Raceway, California

22nd Annual Kastner Cup

Announcement courtesy of Curt Johnston:

The 2024 Kastner Cup race will be held on April 18-21, 2024 at Sonoma Raceway in California! There will not be a National Trans Am race, so we will have the top billing. SVRA has asked for our suggestions for a Grand Marshall of the entire race weekend. As the featured marque, we will also have coverage in the SpeedTour Magazine which now has a distribution of 30,000 copies.

Also, SVRA is looking into the cost of preparing "Hero Cards" for all Triumph racers (a business card with an image of your car). SVRA did this in the past, and they want to bring it back on a limited basis with "Collectors Series" for cars in the featured marques.

SVRA will offer a free Thursday Test Day (over $300 value) for all Kastner Cup/Triumph registrants at both Sonoma and Laguna Seca. Early registration benefits drivers with reduced costs and the Kastner Cup as it allows SVRA to lock in our practice/race group schedule early.

For full details on this event, visit KastnerCup.com.

Register at SVRA.com.

Kastner Cup Winners Gallery

Note: Click on each image to view full size and read more race details.

The first Kastner Cup award was in 2003 to Jack Drews in his TR-4.

1st Annual Kastner Cup Winner Jack Drews

The first Kastner Cup award was in 2003 to Jack Drews in his TR-4. The venue was Mosport Raceway, Ontario Canada.

The 2004 Kastner Cup award went to John Wilkins, Spitfire driver.

2nd Annual Kastner Cup Winner John Wilkins

The 2004 Kastner Cup award went to John Wilkins, Spitfire driver. The venue was Buttonwillow Raceway, California.

Jeff Snook was the Kastner Cup winner in 2005 with his Triumph TR-3.

3rd Annual Kastner Cup Winner Jeff Snook

Jeff Snook was the Kastner Cup winner in 2005 at the Atlanta Raceway venue. He won with his Triumph TR-3.

Tom Kreger was awarded the Kastner Cup for 2006 with his TR-6.

4th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Tom Kreger

Tom Kreger, with his beautifully prepared TR-6, was awarded the Kastner Cup for April 2, 2006 at the Hallet Raceway in Oklahoma.

Chuck Gee was awarded the Kastner Cup for 2007 with his Spitfire.

5th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Chuck Gee

Chuck Gee was awarded the Kastner Cup for 2007 with his Spitfire on July 1, 2007 at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT.

Tony Garmey was awarded the 2008 Kastner Cup driving a TR-250K.

6th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Tony Garmey

Tony Garmey was awarded the 2008 Kastner Cup driving a TR-250K (owned by Bill Hart whose father had the car restored to perfection). The venue was at Watkins Glen, New York. Photo courtesy of Gary Horstkorta.

Check out some great photos of the race here. Video and photos courtesy of Andre Rousseau.

The 7th annual Kastner Cup winner in 2009 was Mordy Dunst with his Triumph TR-4.

7th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Mordy Dunst

Kas and the 7th annual Kastner Cup winner, Mordy Dunst with his Triumph TR-4. Joe Alexander attending. The race was held at the Portland International Raceway in Oregon, September 6, 2009. Photo by Chuck Arnold.

2010 Kastner Cup winner Keith Files from England (1963 TR-4) with Kas.

8th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Keith Files

2010 Kastner Cup winner Keith Files from England (1963 TR-4) with Kas. The race was held at Topeka Raceway Park in Topeka, Kansas on August 22, 2010. Photo by Peggy Kastner. To read an article on the event from the Triumph Club in England (www.tr-register.co.uk) click here.

Jerry Barker was awarded the Kastner Cup in 2011 with his smokin' hot Herald.

9th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Jerry Barker

The weather at Laguna Seca California in June 2011 was cool and breezy, but the driving of Jerry Barker in his impossible, incredible Herald was hot. Starting from a mid-pack grid spot the twice National Champion drove though the field of Triumph cars to close right down on the hottest TR-4 on the West Coast, that of Mordy Dunst (2008 Kastner Cup winner). Mordy had pulled away from the pack of TR-4 and TR-6 cars a few seconds back.

The terrific race between Bill Hart in his TR Devon and Tony Drews' beautiful red TR-4 went right down to the finish line with Bill just making the final effort out of the last corner to win their race by a car length. It was tooth and nail fighting all through the field for every position.

Watching the gap close was amazing to see. The Herald just went faster and faster finishing 4th overall in this quality field.

Tony Garmey (2007 Kastner Cup winner) was first overall in the sparkling TR-250K. Tony gave his usual performance of technical spot on driving and the TR-250K produced the greatest sound you can imagine. The six cylinder engine was right on song and no one ever was close to his lap time. Greg Solow's Super Sports Morgan was included in the field (but not for the Cup) and finished second overall just a car length ahead of the Dunst TR-4. Considering these two really fast Triumph powered racers were just a second or two ahead of the 1500cc Herald put even more credibility to the performance of Jerry Barker. Congratulations to all for terrific racing and safe event.

Photo courtesy of Peggy Kastner. Click here to view the full event results.

Randy Williams takes the Kastner Cup in 2012 with his extremely well prepared TR-3.

10th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Randy Williams

Randy Williams takes the Kastner Cup at Atlanta Raceway April 28, 2012 with his extremely well prepared TR-3.

Ken Knight won the 11th Annual Kastner Cup Race in his TR-4.

11th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Ken Knight

Ken Knight won the 11th Annual Kastner Cup Race in his TR-4 at Road America in September, 2013. He was troubled every day before the race, and finally got the engine fixed and in a proper fashion blew the door off everyone else by about 4 seconds a lap. It was an amazing performance by a fellow with very few practice laps and starting from 24th position. Photo & video by Peggy Kastner (scroll down below the image to see the video).

Video Clip

Greg Blake won the Kastner Cup in his TR-3 on a TR-4 chassis in May 2014.

12th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Greg Blake

The 12th Annual Kastner Cup was won by Greg Blake's TR-3 on a TR-4 chassis. Nice, nice guy and very fast. He didn't even have close ratio gears, just the stock gear box. Car he had owned for a long time, etc. Neat event and wonderful preparation by the club.

Mark Wheatley won the Kastner Cup with his TR-4 in 2015.

13th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Mark Wheatley

The 13th Annual Kastner Cup race was won by Mark Wheatley in his TR-4 on May 17, 2015, at Summit Point in Virginia. Great guy. Mark is always fast right out of the box on the first day, but as the race days wind down people finally catch up with him and overtake his time. This time with the rain he did the job. Tony Drews was within a car length at the end, so Mark was glad that it ended when it did. Black flags, people were called in to the pit; Barker, Dick Stockton who had a fantastic fast TR-4 that no one could touch, and also Scott Jansen missed seeing the black flag and were called into the paddock, thus taking them out of the competition. Too bad... they were all fast.

Barker, that crazy guy, came from dead last all the way through the field in the wet to 5th overall in his fantastic Herald, and then called into the black flag area. Stockton had a huge lead and was a shoo-in for the cup and the black flag deal got him, same with Scott Jansen for the winning class GT-6. Too bad. Just for a good deal though Charlie Dolan in my old GT-6 won the GT-6 class. It really pleased me to see that GT-6 of my old team racing at real speed.

Jerry Barker won the Kastner Cup for the second time in his "Herald from Hell" in 2016.

14th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Jerry Barker

For the first time ever we have a repeat winner in this 14th running of the Kastner Cup. Jerry Barker and his amazing Herald won the award and was third overall behind only the TR-250K and the TR-6 of Tom Kreger - both previous winners of the K-Cup. All the TR-4's and Triumphs and other Triumphs including the fast Morgans were BEHIND Jerry. Fast driving and fast car. His wonderkind Herald showed its heels to everyone. It is now called the "Herald from Hell."

Cup program organizer, Dave Hogye won his class with his beautiful TR-3, Mordy Dunst came from DEAD LAST to pass all the other cars except the top three and finish fourth overall. Tom Kreger with an unbelievable beautiful TR-6 was second behind the TR-250K driven by Tony Garmey to an easy overall win.

The event as usual was performed on the program pattern established by Joe Alexander, co-founder with Kas Kastner for the Kastner Cup for Triumph cars.

The photo shown here is courtesy Brad Ells. More photos can be seen on my Facebook page. Fantastic race weekend! Peggy and I had a grand time.

Jeff Snook took the Kastner Cup also for the second time with his 1961 TR-3A.

15th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Jeff Snook

The 15th Kastner Cup event at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Wisconsin was a barn burner. Thirty-five Triumph cars entered and all but a couple made it to the grid and the start of the Cup race.

Sam Halkias TR-6 tore off first and stayed there, but was harassed really close and continually by the amazingly fast and expertly-driven TR-4 of Ken Knight, a previous Kastner Cup winner at Road America in 2011.

Just a few short seconds back of Ken Knight's TR-4 a very close racing war was going on with Jeff Snook in his 1961 TR-3A. Jeff had the balance of the big group of TR-4 cars, TR-3's and GT-6 covered until the very last turn of the last lap when Tony Drews' TR-4 slipped outside of a traffic blocked Snook TR-3A and just beat him to the finish line.

The Kastner Cup was awarded to Jeff Snook for his inspired driving and beautifully prepared TR-3A Triumph. Jeff Snook was also the winner in the Kastner Cup event at Road Atlanta in 2005.

Photo credits to Shawn Frank.

Jim Dolan won the Kastner Cup in 2018 in his GT-6.

16th Annual Kastner Cup Winner Jim Dolan

The 16th Annual Kastner Cup race event was held at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Historics in Beaver, PA in July 2018. The weather tried to outlast us but failed as Saturday, Cup Day, turned out terrific. No rain, no snow, or tornadoes or other wild things or animals interfering with great racing.

Sam Halkais entered my TR-6 from the olden days, showing off the Triumph multi blue & white colors from 1972. Sam had a hard time for a bit to fix something not working in the inlet system. He did find and throw out the gremlin just in time for the K-Cup race and zapped off into the distance to win the race overall.

The Kastner Cup though is not awarded to just the fastest Triumph. Outstanding effort, preparation and service in the Vintage Triumph scene are part of the boxes to be checked off. It was a very close call for the winner of the 2018 K-Cup.

The GT-6 cars have been in a secret breeding mode as there were a ton of them there and racing. After 24 minutes of high speed chase and pass and re-pass between Tony Drews TR-4, the GT-6 of Scott Jansen and the GT-6 of Kastner Cup Chairmen for this race, Jim Dolan, at the end Jim Dolan kept it all together and squeezed out a clear victory for the class and to win the Kastner Cup. Congratulations to Jim Dolan for a great drive and very well prepared GT-6 racer, and indeed for all the care and effort he made for the 16th Kastner Cup event. Thanks to all the racers for bringing your great cars to this annual event.

Photo credits to Shawn Frank.

The 2019 K-Cup went to Brian Howlett in his blazing red TR-4.
× The K-Cup went to Brian Howlett in his blazing red TR-4 at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, California on May 4, 2019. Brian's race effort was outstanding and he received the Kastner Cup for this outstanding race. Racing with two other TR-4 cars in a very tight group that were very quick and still holding the TR-250K and the TR-8 easily in a short gap, sometimes less than a half car length. Attrition took the other TR-4 cars out but Brian used his skill and wits to turn surprising split times in a couple of the difficult sections of the track and thus kept in touch with the much bigger and more powerful engines of the TR-250K and TR-8. The fast times in the really difficult parts and his very late braking made his lap times nearly that of the leading cars. This effort and skill was rewarded by the presentation of the Kastner Cup to him.

Mike Munson in his TR-6 #28 won the 18th annual 2020 K-Cup Race in Mid-Ohio.

Mike Munson of Bowling Green, Ohio won the 18th annual 2020 K-Cup Race in Mid-Ohio, in his TR-6 #28 - Joe Alexander presented the Kastner Cup. Photo courtesy of Shawn Frank, North American Triumphs.

Kas Kastner was sitting in front of his computer in his residence in Summerlin, NV during the 18th Running of the Kastner Cup at Mid-Ohio. Due to SVRA's brilliant live streaming and astute commentary, Kas had the best vantage point for the selection of the next recipient of the Kastner Cup.

The front runners were four well prepared Triumphs and superior drivers: Sam Halkias, (TR6) SCCA National Champion, Joe Huffaker, Jr., (TR7) Multiple SCCA Championships, "Dark Horse," Alex Amys (GT6), and Mike Munson (TR6).

Changing positions throughout the Kastner Cup Race, Kas was amazed at the performances of these four cars. Of Alex Amys, Kas said, "who is this guy, and where did he come from? This is the way that the GT6 should run and be driven." Regarding the TR7, with SCCA Championship Provenance, and driven this time by Joe Huffaker, Jr, Kas exclaimed, "that TR7 is handling like a F-1 car!" Indeed, Sam Halkias would always be a front runner in a Triumph, but his protege, Mike Munson prevailed at the Checker.

What an honor it was to hand Mike Munson the Kastner Cup, with wife, Kathy standing by, and late son, Sam, looking down.

~Joe Alexander

The 19th annual 2021 Kastner Cup went to Jeff Quick in his beautifully prepared 1967 TR-4A.

Jeff Quick of Kent, Washington took the 19th annual 2021 K-Cup race in Portland with his beautifully prepared TR-4A. Joe Alexander presented the Kastner Cup. Photo courtesy of Shawn Frank, North American Triumphs.

Following the 50th Aniversary of Triumphs in Competition, at Mid-Ohio, Kas Kastner and I launched the 1st Kastner Cup in 2003 at Mosport. Subsequently, I shadowed him for the selection of the Kastner Cup recipient through the years.

Sadly, in April of this year, Kas passed the responsibility of selecting the recipient of the coveted Kastner Cup to me.

Thus I became the Grand Marshall of the Kastner Cup and set about doing the best that I could in making the selection.

Early on, Kas and I discovered that there is usually the one Triumph Competitor that emerges, "driving out of class." JEFF QUICK from Kent, WA very quickly made that apparent. Fast and smooth, never putting a wheel wrong, Jeff was the leading candidate by the time the green flag dropped on Saturday afternoon. At that time, the Kastner Cup was his to lose. Jeff did not disappoint all of the way to Checkered Flag at the Portland International Raceway.

But wait! There's more to the story. See the story board image below this text.

The history of this car with the Quick Family is pure magic. Add the fact that Jeff's 90-something father, Ray, was there at the Checker to see his TR4 garner the Kastner Cup. Kind of a "Hollywood Moment."

I think I know how Kas would feel about the addition of Jeff Quick's name displayed on his Kastner Cup Trophy.

(Note: thank you to Dave Talbot and my family for supporting me throughout the weekend. Also, thank you to Curt and Debbie Johnston for putting together the very professionally presented Kastner Cup).

~ Joe Alexander

Official Race Results (opens PDF in a new window)

Race Report by Shawn Frank (opens PDF in a new window

Henry Frye took the Kastner Cup Trophy with his 1968 TR-250 in Pittsburgh at the 20th Annual Kastner Cup Race, July 2022.

Henry Frye took the Kastner Cup Trophy with his 1968 TR-250 in Pittsburgh at the 20th Annual Kastner Cup Race, July 2022. Henry is pictured with Robert Johns, the Grand Marshall, Joe Alexander, and Curt Johnston. Photo courtesy of Edward Major, III.

The Kastner Cup - An Annual Race for Triumph Powered Race Cars 2022 results are as follows (thanks to Shawn Frank for sending):

Peggy Kastner Performance Awards:

  • TR3 - John Styduhar
  • TR4 - Mark Wheatley
  • TR6 - Sam Halkias
  • TR7 - Curt Johnston
  • TR8 - Joe Carr
  • GT6 - Scott Janzen
  • Spitfire - Sean Henry
  • Limited Prod - Vic Schuster
  • 1st - #88 Christian Marx 1980 TR8 - 13 laps 30:39.627 best: 2:00.321 on lap 7
  • 2nd - #75 Sam Halkias 1971 TR6 - 13 laps 31:06.09 best 2:02.714 on lap 3
  • 3rd - #111 Joe Carr 1980 TR8 - 13 laps 31:24.171 best 2:03.501 on lap 9
  • 4th - #29 Henry Frye 1968 TR250 - 13 laps 31:36.75 best 2:05.989 on lap 9
  • 5th - #86 Mark Wheatley 1962 TR4 - 13 laps 32:07.739 best 2:08.266 on lap 5
  • 6th - #95 Tony Drews 1963 TR4 - 13 laps 32:18.758 best 2:08.375 on lap 11
  • 7th - #63 Scott Janzen 1968 GT6 - 13 laps 32:21.457 best 2:09.349 on lap 3
  • 8th - #167 Mike Moore 1962 TR4 - 13 laps 32:22.514 best 2:08.535 on lap 9
  • 9th - #4 James Dolan 1972 GT6 - 13 laps 32:35.907 best 2:07.447 on lap 6
  • 10th - #11 Curt Johnston 1979 TR7 - 13 laps 32:44.767 best 2:07.856 on lap 6
  • 11th - #824 Jason Sukey 1971 GT6 - 13 laps 32:50.399 best 2:09.923 on lap 3
  • 12th - #80 David Gott 1962 TR4 - 12 laps best 2:06.61
  • 13th - #9 John Styduhar 1962 TR3B - 12 laps 30:46.785 best 2:12.032 on lap 11
  • 14th - #15 Michael Kurtz 1970 TR6 - 12 laps 30:48.21 best 2:11.748 on lap 11
  • 15th - #571 Vic Schuster 1957 Ambro - 12 laps 31:20.288 best 2:13.53 on lap 5
  • 16th - #114 Philip Gott 1965 TR4A - 12 laps 31:23.003 best 2:13.749 on lap 2
  • 17th - #10 Sean Henry 1973 Spitfire - 12 laps best 2:14.676
  • 18th - #62 Mike Jackson 1962 TR3B - 12 laps 31:34.247 best 2:14.943 on lap 3
  • 19th - #717 Mike Deweerd 1962 TR4 - 12 laps 31:47.153 best 2:16.347 on lap 12
  • 20th - #51 Jesse Darrow 1965 Spitfire - 12 laps 31:48.909 best 2:16.164 on lap 2
  • 21st - #182 Lorne D. Fritz 1959 TR3 - 12 laps 31:54.991 best 2:16.464 on lap 9
  • 22nd - #17 Tim Slater 1964 Spitfire - 12 laps 31:56.582 best 2:17.275 lap 12
  • 23rd - #53 Pat Darrow 1965 Spitfire - 12 laps 32:15.899 best

Tony Drews took the 21st Annual Kastner Cup in his 1963 TR-4.

21st Annual Kastner Cup Winner Tony Drews

Your 2023 Kastner Cup CHAMPION as announced by Grand Marshal, Joseph H Alexander... #95 Tony Drews in his 1963 TR4 with a best lap time of 2:53.059 on Road America's newly resurfaced 4.048 miles of black magic. Very well deserved!

Tony does his own work on his car and has been to all but one of the 21 Kastner Cup races. Tony now shares the title of Kastner Cup Champion with his father, the late Jack Drews, or Uncle Jack as many knew him, who was the first-ever Kastner Cup Champ in 2003. The father/son pair are the first father/son winners of the coveted Kastner Cup. Their names etched on plaques on the lower display column of the beautiful traveling trophy with a smaller trophy that Tony can keep forever. He will care for the Kastner Cup trophy until he relinquishes it to the next Kastner Cup Champion.

Tony was astounded at the announcement, saying in his speech, "I thought I was close at a few Kastner Cups, but this wasn't one of them. I can't tell you how deeply touched I am to receive this honor. I always admired the Kastner Cup trophy on my dad's mantel. Now, I have my own." With a grin on his face, he soaked in the long, drawn-out applause of all of his peers in the Friends of Triumph as well as a full venue of spectators and fans. It was an amazing moment!

This year's choice is proof that performance alone will not win the Kastner Cup. The Cup recipient was chosen by Grand Marshal, Joe Alexander, basing his decision on the outline set by the race's namesake, Kas Kastner, deeming 50% of the decision to performance, 25% on presentation of the car, and 25% on the driver and teams' enthusiasm to vintage racing. Tony has epitomized these qualities for years and finally won the coveted prize.

This year, The Kastner Cup - An Annual Race for Triumph Powered Race Cars was a 7-lap race that did not disappoint. There are no points and there is no money to be won, which makes the Kastner Cup special. It is for the history, the glory, and the passion that comes with being part of the Triumph competition community. Words cannot quite explain the camaraderie of these racers and their families.

The Kastner Cup was a stand-alone race during the WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redman weekend, so well over 500 vintage and race cars were onsite and roaring through the forest. The paddock walks were electric, the sights and smells were incredible, the people were buzzing, and racing legends were everywhere that you looked. The race car parade to town, where the police escorted a group of 100+ cars that split a sea of more than 30,000 spectators for a two-hour Concours was incredibly phenomenal! The entire town came out in droves to celebrate. There is no other place on earth quite like Elkhart Lake, WI.

For Tony Drews to win this one - this Kastner Cup - was so very special. The event was incredible, Triumph was the featured marque for the entire weekend, the staff and fans treated us like royalty, and we left with many more friends that when we walked through Gate #3 to receive our media credentials a few short days before.

A huge thank you to Brian Garcia and Mark Alexander as our race chairs, Alexander Racing Enterprises LLC, Moss Motors, Road America with all the staff and their hospitality, private donations, and all of the volunteers and people who put their hard work into making this an event that will be talked about for years and years to come!

Kastner Cup 2023 is in the record books!

*Text and photo credits to Shawn Frank.

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