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Triumph Preparation Books Authored by R.W. "Kas" Kastner

Kas wrote a series of four books on Triumph Preparation, filled with how-to's, tips, modifications, parts & special parts, tools, fix-its, racing advice, and stories about his "olden days" in racing and being the USA Triumph Competition Department Manager. Many Triumph enthusiasts have enjoyed and benefited from these preparation handbooks over the years; the original paperback versions of both the Triumph Preparation Handbook and Racing, Winning and Other Myths in Triumph Cars are now sold out and will not be reprinted at this time. There are a limited number of the original paperback copies of Historical & Technical Guide for Triumph Cars available for sale, along with the final book in the series, Triumphs, Race Cars, Street Cars and Special Cars at Joe Alexander's Gasket Innovations website

In 2014, Kas completed the project to convert all of the books to electronic "eBooks" with updated, additional content and high resolution color images replacing the low resolution black & white photos used in the print books. These eBooks are available for sale here, and can be downloaded immediately in a PDF file format. The PDF eBooks can be read on any device (e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone, iPad/iPhone, etc.) using any PDF reading software.

Each book is described below, including front & back cover images, table of contents and sample pages. To purchase an eBook, use the "Add eBook to Cart" buttons and the "Checkout" button to complete your transaction.

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Kas Kastner's Triumph Preparation Handbook ($17.95 USD)

This book is a compilation of technical material from the series of Competition Preparation manuals that Kas wrote in the 1960's along with later information and happenings about the Competition Department and the cars he raced.

This new updated eBook version has loads of new material with the previous technical information updated, the photos and drawings upgraded (and in many cases with enlarged photos to better show detail). This book provides a much better view of the various systems, parts and people described too.

Note: The original paperback version is now out of stock and will not be reprinted.

Kas Kastner's Historical & Technical Guide for Triumph Cars ($17.95 USD)

As with all the books in this series, there is a lot of technical information in this volume that will be of interest to all Triumph owners, including special parts and fixes. Other topics are Spitfire big bearing cranks, the real story of the solid copper head gaskets and how they are made by the guy who makes them, and even special info on Paul Newman's hide-out special Triumph that was stopped from racing right at the very end of its preparation.

There are chapters on Kas's visits to the Camshaft grinding shop, JE Pistons and to the Carillo connecting rod company with many photos showing in detail just how these great companies do what they do best from start to finish.

In addition, Kas takes us "around the world in Triumphs" in personal interviews with owners in the USA, England, Germany, Canada and Australia who have fantastic cars and great stories to share. And, as always, Kas shares more great tales from his racing and competition days!

Note: A limited number of original paperback copies of this book are available for purchase on Joe Alexander's Gasket Innovations website.

Kas Kastner's Racing, Winning and Other Myths in Triumph Cars ($17.95 USD)

This book is filled with more information and details on special tools such as building your own SU Needle machine, innovative ways to make certain modifications to your car, and of course more great personal stories from Kas from his olden days with Triumph.

Also featured are some "father and son" teams racing their Spitfires, TR-3's and TR-4's in Vintage series events. Racing Triumphs brought these fathers and sons together in a tight bond, and they are definitely having a great time!

Note: The original paperback version is now out of stock and will not be reprinted.

Kas Kastner's Triumphs, Race Cars, Street Cars and Special Cars ($21.95 USD)

This fourth and final book in this series has some handy fix-it articles, loads of technical tips and even more stories from Kas's racing and competition days. It also contains stories on Triumph cars from Australia with a 290 bhp TR-2, and in Belgium, a lap in a TR-6 on the SPA F-1 track, and up to Canada where a TR-3 body is fit to a TR-6 chassis; the kind of cars some of us dream about but never quite get accomplished. Also included is a closer look at Jerry Barker's Herald that turns "D" production lap times.

A main feature of this book is the building of a GT-6 racer from scratch. Choosing the best of three junkers, the racer is built up over a period of 20 months and described in detail; suspension, drive line, body additions and fixing, making lexan windows, the engine dyno run, roll cage building, painting, chassis work, engine building... all done right in the home garage of Chuck Gee, 2007 winner of the Kastner Cup in his top notch 1500 Spitfire. Detailed views of the engine building and preparation which produced 204 bhp at 8000 rpm will help you build any engine.

Note: Original paperback copies of this book are available for purchase at Joe Alexander's Gasket Innovations website. A DVD comes with each book containing the full resolution/size of all the images (and more) used in the book so you can view and enlarge them to see every detail.

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