The 13th Annual Kastner Cup race was won by Mark Wheatley in his TR-4 on May 17, 2015 at Summit Point in Virginia. Great guy. Mark is always fast right out of the box on the first day, but as the race days wind down people finally catch up with him and overtake his time. This time with the rain he did the job. Tony Drews was within a car length at the end, so Mark was glad that it ended when it did. Black flags, people called in, Barker, Dick Stockton who had a fantastic fast TR-4 that no one could touch and also Scott Jansen, missed seeing a black flag and were called into the paddock thus taking them out of the competition. Too bad they were all fast. Barker, that crazy guy came from dead last all the way through the field in the wet to 5th overall in his fantastic Herald, and then called into the black flag area. Stockton had a huge lead and was a shoo-in for the cup and the black flag deal got him, same with Scott Jansen for the winning class GT-6. Too bad. Just for a good deal though Charlie Dolan in my old GT-6 won the GT-6 class. It really pleased me to see that GT-6 of mine old team racing at real speed.

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