The 16th Annual Kastner Cup race event was held at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Historics in Beaver, PA in July 2018.

The weather tried to outlast us but failed as Saturday, Cup Day, turned out terrific. No rain, no snow, or tornadoes or other wild things or animals interfering with great racing.

Sam Halkais entered my TR-6 from the olden days, showing off the Triumph multi blue & white colors from 1972. Sam had a hard time for a bit to fix something not working in the inlet system. He did find and throw out the gremlin just in time for the K Cup race and zapped off into the distance to win the race overall.

The Kastner Cup though is not awarded to just the fastest Triumph. Outstanding effort, preparation and service in the Vintage Triumph scene are part of the boxes to be checked off. It was a very close call for the winner of the 2018 K-Cup.

The GT-6 cars have been in a secret breeding mode as there were a ton of them there and racing. After 24 minutes of high speed chase and pass and re-pass between Tony Drews TR-4, the GT-6 of Scott Jansen and the GT-6 of Kastner Cup Chairmen for this race, Jim Dolan, at the end Jim Dolan kept it all together and squeezed out a clear victory for the class and to win the Kastner Cup.

Congratulations to Jim Dolan for a great drive and very well prepared GT-6 racer, and indeed for all the care and effort he made for the 16th Kastner Cup event.

Thanks to all the racers for bringing your great cars to this annual event.

Photo credits to Shawn Frank. Check out his Facebook page North American Triumphs.

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