This is the Group C sports car that was designed, built and developed at Nissan Performance Technology in Vista California. The designer Trevor Harris is shown on the far left. I am standing next to Trevor then the head of Motorsports in Japan and some of his engineers who came to see the final product. The car was powered by a Nissan built V-12 engine that never really came to the top of the power needed and the car was never raced.

The P-35 was tested several times, including Daytona where laps of 1:37 seconds were recorded. Those laps were faster than anything else at the time. The car was built for the Japanese to use in their International Competition, but the cars were sent to Japan for the Nissan Motorsports Museum and the project totally cancelled. Nissan curtailed almost all of the motor activities for financial reasons and shortly thereafter closed the NPTI facility laying off over 225 employees and leading to my retirement in 1995.

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