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"Never be beaten by equipment."
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Welcome to the Official R. W. "Kas" Kastner Website

Kas @ Buttonwillow Raceway in California. The group was set up by Casey Annis of Vintage Racing Magazine. Photo taken by Mordy Dunst, TR-4 racer.

Check out Kas' channel on YouTube and subscribe :-) This one is Kas introducing his new Triumph Preparation Handbook ebook version, June 2013 release.

This web site is dedicated to the racing of R. W. "Kas" Kastner. Racing in Triumph Sportscars, Sail Boats, and Nissan Prototype race cars, Kas and his teams have run in the front of the pack and won championships in all of these categories.

When flooded with requests for information in the early 60's on preparation of Triumph cars, R.W. "Kas" wrote a series of small individual by model manuals. These assisted multitudes of Triumph owners to get their Triumphs off to a head start in racing. These manuals are still looked upon as the must read for any enthusiast preparing his Triumph for competition.

Writing about these great cars has come easy to Kas. He won the Sports Car Club of America annual award for the "Best Technical Article in 1963". This, added to the many articles and magazine stories about his career give an overall view of winning in competition.

Kas Kastner then followed his early writings about Triumph cars with FOUR great books: Triumph Preparation Handbook, Historical and Technical Guide for Triumph Cars, Racing, Winning and Other Myths in Triumph Cars, and Kas Kastner's Triumphs Race Cars, Street Cars and Special Cars (with bonus image DVD). These books cover the mechanical aspects of Triumph chassis and engine preparation and also follow Kas's adventures, mishaps and victories in amateur and International racing events.

The most popular and most technical book of the four Kas Kastner books was the "Triumph Preparation Handbook". The book was reprinted three times to meet the demand. The inventory is now ZERO and the paper version will not be reprinted.

June 2013 - Kas has released a new electronic version of the "Triumph Preparation Handbook new edition", available through his book store. The book is in PDF format, which can be read on most any computer and portable electronic device. "Triumph Preparation Handbook new edition" is available for instant download.

The previous printings of the "Triumph Preparation Handbook" had very few updates, little added material, and the reproduction of the photos was sometimes not the best. The purpose of this electronic version of the Triumph Preparation Handbook is to add loads of new material and updating of previous technical information, upgrade the photos and drawings and in many cases enlarging the photos to better show detail. The original printed book was a 5.5" x 8.5" size and the photos were small and detail sometimes lost. This new full page version will give a much better view of the various systems, parts and people too.

September 2014 - Kas has now released a new updated electronic version of his second book "Historical & Technical Guide for Triumphs new edition", also available through his book store for instant download, in PDF format.

November 2014 - New updated e-book versions of Kas' third and fourth books are now available in the book store for instant download, in PDF format. These two books are "Kas Kastner's Racing, Winning and Other Myths in Triumph Cars new edition" and "Kas Kastner's Triumphs, Race Cars, Street Cars and Special Cars new edition".

All of the new edition e-books contain updates of the content, larger photos and many are now in color. Paperback versions of the books continue to be available for purchase with the exception of the "Triumph Preparation Handbook" which is sold out.

Check out some very excellent historical PDF archives of various news and magazine articles here. And... get the scoop on the latest winner of the exciting Kastner Cup Race, along with details on the next race to be held. Enjoy!

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